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Core Business

Fire safety audit, health & safety audit, risk assessment Medical examination, Noise Survey, EIA & EA Audits, First Aid Training, Fire Safety Trainings, Refresher Trainings and Tailor-Made Safety Seminars.

Core values


Fire Equipments

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Classic Fire Blanket
Unique patented 3-ply material fibre blanket with an inner layer of fire retardant film. Compact and one piece holder available in red or white.
1.2mx1.2m Fire Blanket:
1.2mx1.8m Fire Blanket:

First Aid Box
Ideal for schools with more hazardous work areas.
ABS Plastic cases with content dividers and dust seals.
Supplied with a space – saving wall mounting bracket.
Supplied fully equipped with the first aid box requirements

Various Signs
Fire Action Sign
Emergency Exit Sign
Other Signage

ญSmoke detectors are one of those amazing inventions that, because of mass production, cost practically nothing. And while they cost very little, smoke dญetectors save thousands of lives each year.

CarbonMonoxide Detector
•    For all rooms where gas, oil or coal is used for heating and cooking
•    Internal battery life of 12 months
•    Certified to BS EN 50291 :2001

•    ABC powder fire extinguishers are suitable for any multi-risk environment, including electrical equipment
•    Supplied fully charged and with brackets for easy mounting. (Spare brackets available, see price box)
•    Style Nos. 11028, 11029 and 11035 are British Approvals for Fire Equipments (BAFE) approved and feature heavy-duty brass valves with colour-coded handles
•    Manufactured under a BSEN ISO 9001 accredited quality system
•    BSI approved and CE marked
9Kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher:
4Kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher:
2Kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher:

  • ท•    Use CO2 fire extinguisher on fires caused by petrol, diesel, oil, fats, paints and other flammable liquids
    •    Supplied fully charged and with brackets for easy mounting.
    •    This CO2 fire extinguisher has colour-coded handles and is fitted with a frost-free horn
    •    Manufactured under a BSEN ISO 9001 accredited quality system
    •    BAFE approved and CE marked
    •    Fire rating: 55B
    •    Filled weight (nominal): 4.9kg
    5Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher:
    2Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher:
    inguisher has colour-coded handles and is fitted

•    Foam Extinguisher For use on Class A (wood and paper), Class B (flammable liquids) and Class F (cooking fats and oils) fires
•    Robust construction is corrosion resistant
•    Manufactured in accordance with BSEN3 and CE marked
•    Supplied complete with mounting bracket
9Litre Foam Extinguisher:

•    Fire Hose Reel: 19mm x 36m fire hose reel & metal lockable and non lockable cabinets. Side plate powder painted finished red, Automatic hose reel has integrated automatic stop valve which will open after 2 revolutions of the reel , Threaded inlet connection, Outlet connection for hose reel can be rotated for left and right direction, Waterways made of non-ferous material which ensures corrosion free, Maximum working pressure 15Bar, test pressure 20bar and Side plate available in stainless steel

Underground Hydrant
Underground Fire Hydrant,to BS750,DN80,Type B, Ductile iron,epoxy coating,London Round Thread outlet,resilient seated,non rising spindle,Flanded end.

Fire Alarm Systems
•    Manufactured under a BSEN ISO 9001 accredited quality system
•    BSI approved and CE marked

Fire Safety Tunic
According to the Standard Q/02 TXF001-2000, E.E.C. Standard EN469 and tandard NFPA1971

Materials:Nomex/FR cotton/Kermel outer shell, PTEF coated fabrics/Goretex Fabrics,
Carbon fiber heat Insulation, FR cotton lining

Application: Basic protective garment for fire fighting.

Special property: Flame retardation, heat-resisting, waterproof, permeability, comfortable inner, the outside facing component layer having static electricity prevention, acid-resisting and alkali-resisting, high temperature preventing, good thermal stability, etc.

Size:S, M, L


•    Light Weight Kevlarฎ/Aramid Shell.
•    Full Polyurethane Impact liner.
•    Pacific ratchet adjustable cradle.
•    3 Point Nomex Chin Strap.
•    Pacific Quick Release Buckle.
•    Internal Eye Protector (optional).
•    Pacific Easi-On Base.
•    Certified to EN443/1997 & EN166.
•    ESS Goggles Posts.
•    Clip on ANSI Face Shield.
•    Certified to NFPA 1951 and NFPA 1971 USAR: 2007 with goggles.

•    This Jacket is Soft and Tough.
•    100% Polyester and Water Resistant to keep you dry and        comfortable
•    Reflective Tape: 2” wide sewn tape
•    Colors: High Visibility Fluorescent ANSI Orange
•    High Visibility Fluorescent ANSI Lime Yellow
Zippers: Plastic Zippers Neck and Pockets
•    ANSI / ISEA 107-2004 Compliant

•    24-foot ladder extends a working height of 21-feet
•    Interlocking strong modified I-beam rails
•    Rungs made from durable aluminum
•    Quick clip keeps rope in place
•    Alflo rung joint connection prevents twisting

It is kind of fire protection gloves.There are four layers in it.
Material:Leather Layer,waterproof and breathable layer,heat insulation layer and flame retardant lining.
Features:It is characterized by fire resistant and heat insulation,wear durability,waterproof,etc.
Style:Five Fighers
Usefullness:It is useful for protecting the fire fighter when working in the emergency situation.
It is certified by the standard of GA7-2004 <Fire Protection Gloves>

UPPER: Black Boulder Waterproof, Flame and Cut-Resisting Leather With Scuff-Resisting Vibramฎ Rubber Toe and Heel Bumper
CONSTRUCTION: Goodyear Storm Welt
OUTSOLE: Vibram ฎ Heat-, Abrasion-, Cut-Resisting Kevlar ฎ Rubber
LINING: Comfort Weave
INSOLE: Polyurethane Removable Footbed on Flexible Double Rubber
SHANK: 3 Ribbed Steel Bladder
Meets NFPA Regulations Sympatex ฎ Waterproof, Blood Borne Pathogen Barrier ANSI 75 Oblique Steel Toe Built-in Shin Guard

Multi Purpose Branch Pipe

•    Light Weight / Easy Handling
•    Option of Fixed / Spining Teeth
•    Long Range Jet and Fog Pattern
•    Study Nozzle
•    Made of Aluminium, Alloy and Anodised

Light Alloy - Alu/Gunmetal with Copper/Galv.Pipe.
Female INST/Round Thread
Swielve Heads – Femal



Mat :


Size :

63 mm

Diving Breech :
Collecting Breech :
Controlled Division Breech:



  • 65mm Screwed oblique landing valve
  • 30m Premier Extra Delivery Horse
  • 23m Premier Extra Delivery Horse
  • 8’’ Manual Alarm bell


To foster partnership to provide excellent and affordable fire service delivery.

Our Vision

To be the premier organization for fire service delivery in Africa.

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